Donald Trump’s Daughters ‘Won’t Let Him’ Outlaw Abortion, Says Lawyer Responsible For Roe V. Wade

Well, Dr. Sarah Weddington must have a lot of faith… In a conversation with TMZ on Thursday, the lawyer responsible for Roe V. Wade tried to assure concerned Americans Donald Trump will NOT overturn the … Read More

Elementary School Teacher Makes Autistic Student Cry When She Snatches His Microphone During Thanksgiving Play — See How Parents Reacted!

How is this woman allowed to teach children? Educators are responsible for molding young minds, not inhibiting them. A teacher at Nutter Fort Primary School recently proved she’s much more of a garbage human than an educator when she rudely … Read More

Watch this local news anchor accidentally drew a penis on live television

Local news anchor accidentally drew a penis on Live Tv We never thought we’d see morning wood on morning news but….. apparently drawing a cannon is harder than we thought. A tech demonstration went horribly wrong — or horribly right, … Read More

Trump supporter calls Starbucks barista ‘trash,’ says she discriminates ‘against whites’

Donald Trump‘s America gets more f*cked up by the day… and he’s not even in office yet. On Wednesday, a Trump supporter identified as David Sanguesa flipped out at a Miami Starbucks, screaming about anti-white “discrimination” and calling … Read More
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