Chattanooga Bus Driver’s Mother Defends Son By Saying Crash That Killed 5 Children Was ‘God’s Will’

The first images we saw of the Chattanooga, Tennessee school bus crash that claimed the lives of five elementary aged children were haunting. But we were even more horrified to learn driver Johnthony Walker had … Read More

Grandson of Rep. Danny Davis shot to death in chicago in dispute over shoes

This is so unbelievably tragic, we can’t even imagine what this family is going through. The grandson of United States Representative Danny Davis (D-IL) was shot and killed in Chicago on Friday night, apparently the tragic end result of an … Read More

Elementary School Teacher Makes Autistic Student Cry When She Snatches His Microphone During Thanksgiving Play — See How Parents Reacted!

How is this woman allowed to teach children? Educators are responsible for molding young minds, not inhibiting them. A teacher at Nutter Fort Primary School recently proved she’s much more of a garbage human than an educator when she rudely … Read More

Watch this local news anchor accidentally drew a penis on live television

Local news anchor accidentally drew a penis on Live Tv We never thought we’d see morning wood on morning news but….. apparently drawing a cannon is harder than we thought. A tech demonstration went horribly wrong — or horribly right, … Read More

Sting reopens Bataclan After One Year Of Paris Attacks

Sting Performs At Paris’ Bataclan Music Hall One year ago last night, the entire world was rocked by the horrific and senseless terror attacks on Paris that left 89 people dead, including at the Bataclan theater during a performance by … Read More

Teacher Under Investigation After Telling 11-Year-Old Girl Her Parents Will Be Deported By Donald Trump

A substitute teacher in Los Angeles is coming under fire after allegedly telling her sixth-grade students that their parents would be deported after Donald Trump‘s election on Tuesday! The Donald, of course, just announced a plan to immediately deport … Read More

Trump Tower Gets A No-Fly Zone As Security Measures Are Increased After Donald Trump’s Presidential Win!

Trump Tower
Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is going to be our next President of the United States and steps are already being made to ensure the president-elect’s safety! Shortly after the former Celebrity Apprentice star’s victory was announced, … Read More

Anti-Donald Trump Protests Across The Nation Turn Violent With Fires, Arrests, And Freeways Being Shut Down!

As you probably know, after Donald Trump was announced as the United States’ next President, several people across the nation took to the streets to protest the results. On Wednesday night, the outcry continued as angry activists were out for … Read More
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