Donald Trump, Jr. Says Running For President Is 'A Step Down' From Big Business…

Donald Trump, Jr. Says Running For President Is 'A Step Down' From Big Business…


At least he also inherited his father’s ability to put his foot in his mouth…

While most Americans who watched Wednesday night’s debate are probably aware Hillary Clinton once again wiped the floor with her opponent, not everyone in Donald Trump‘s pocket agrees.

In fact, Donald Trump, Jr. spoke to reporters at the Las Vegas venue once it was all over and tried to pretend like his dad’s ill-preparedness onstage was somehow a good thing!

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However, while speaking to FOX News, Junior accidentally praised his father’s business acumen a bit too well… because he ended up admitting a seat in the White House would be “a step down” from his work with the Trump Organization, saying:

“He hasn’t spent his whole life to be up on a debate stage like a career politician. He’s spent his life creating jobs, building things, doing things that would benefit American workers in this country. He’s done that for his whole career. So you know what? He’s learning. He’s learning as he goes. If he was doing this his whole life he’d be the greatest politician in the history of the world. He’s learning as he goes because he’s a real American. He’s been speaking with real Americans from Day 1. He’s not talking at them, he’s talking with them. He wants all Americans — because, guess what? Unlike Hillary Clinton, who’s gotten very rich being a politician, peddling American influence, he hasn’t. This is only a step down. But he wants to make sure that all Americans, all ethnicity and backgrounds, have the same opportunity to do what he’s been able to do: To start a great family, to start a great business.”

Well, if he really wants it to be fair, they should be able to start at least three families and several failed businesses.

Ch-ch-check out DTJ’s post-debate interview with FOX News (below)!!!

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