Eric Trump Illegally Posts Photo Of His Voting Ballot

Eric Trump Illegally Posts Photo Of His Voting Ballot

Did Eric Trump not learn from Justin Timberlake‘s near-misdemeanor mistake?

Election Day is upon us, which means voters nationwide are sharing photos of their ballots on social media.

One of those patriotic photographers is Eric Trump, who posted a snap of a completed ballot for his father Donald Trump to Twitter.

On Tuesday morning, he shared:


While seemingly innocent enough, the son of the GOP nominee soon deleted the tweet — because apparently the photo he took was illegal!

After sharing the pic, the 32-year-old was immediately notified he had committed an illegal act by Electionland:


A law is in place in New York, where Eric lives, making it a misdemeanor if anyone “shows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents.” Similar laws are in place across the States in regards to “ballot selfies.”

While a legal challenge nearly overturned the NY legislation, a judge ruled last week that changing the law would cause too much confusion (and annoying ballot selfies) ahead of the election.

Sure, Eric may not be the brightest Trump in the boardroom, but at least we can thank him for committing illegal acts so we know not to!

[Image via Twitter/WENN.]

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