Kanye West refuse to let doctors treat him

Kanye West refuse to let doctors treat him

We know Kanye West has had a tough week, but now the picture is starting to come together.

The performer has reportedly been dealing with paranoia all week, and in addition to being “profoundly depressed,” he’s also convinced that people are out to get him, according to media reports.

TMZ is reporting that when West was taken to the hospital on Monday, he was sure that even the doctors were out to get him, and for a time, he wouldn’t even let medical personnel touch him or care for him.

The paranoia has reportedly been building for months, though — and is in large part became the reason Kanye was hospitalized in the first place, even more so than the dehydration and exhaustion.

Now, apparently the goal is to get Kanye back home by Monday, and place him back under the care of his personal doctor, but even by now it’s too early to know if that’s going to be possible.

Regardless, it sure sounds like there’s a lot to be done for Kanye in the meantime — and we can only hope he comes out of all this OK.

Paranoia is scary, and certainly not a joke — get well soon, Kanye.

[Image Via TMZ]

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