Mariah Carey Never Saw The Split Coming: ‘She Loved James And Was Planning To Marry Him’

Mariah Carey Never Saw The Split Coming: ‘She Loved James And Was Planning To Marry Him’

Here comes Mariah Carey‘s camp, alleging the split between her and James Packer is actually a sudden, brutal breakup thanks to the billionaire.

Sources close to Carey tell E! News that the superstar singer was completely “blindsided” by the breakup, even going so far as to only learn the engagement was over after seeing stories in the news — and not hearing from the billionaire himself.

A source reveals that Carey, who is reportedly “heartbroken” after the split, made a bunch of life changes to be with James, and lost it all in one moment:

“The split has been devastating for Mariah. She loved James and was planning to marry him…She made life changes for this man to prepare for their future as husband and wife, even relocating to L.A., at James’ request, so he could be closer to his children. Everything she has done over the past year is to prove how fully committed she is to their life together. She really wanted this to work. And then, completely out of the blue, it imploded.”

The whole thing began in Greece, according to a source, and that there was an outburst there from Packer concerning how things had been getting to be “too much” and he was barely taking care of his own children, let alone of Mariah, too. (This guy is a billionaire, right?!)

Then, later, Carey and Packer were all set to meet up in LA and talk about Greece and that incident, even setting a date to meet up this past week, but before it could happen, Carey found out through media reports that James had broken everything off.


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The source said:

“Mariah and James never met up after that. And they haven’t spoken. The way the split news was handled was incredibly upsetting to her.”

Regardless of what’s going on with Packer’s own issues, there is still the question of Bryan Tanaka, Carey’s backup dancer who was reportedly involved in some way in breaking up these two.

One source is adamant Tanaka is nothing to worry about, saying:

“I can’t promise things won’t develop between them one day, who knows, but right now, the stories out there are an exaggeration and they definitely feel like a convenient ploy to make this whole mess look like her [Carey’s] fault.”

While on the other hand, both Carey and Tanaka were seeing going into Catch, an El Lay restaurant, together on Saturday night.

Oh, and that marks the second straight night that the pair was seen going into a restaurant together after they dined at Nobu in Malibu on Friday night, too.


What do U think, Unitedgist readers?! Was Carey dumped, and she’s saving face — or throwing it in Packer’s face — by being seen out in public with Tanaka?!

Was the backup dancer actually more of a cause of the breakup than Carey’s team would want you to believe??

Let us know in the comments (below)!!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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