Mark Cuban Says Donald Trump Tried To Creep On 2 Of His Female Friends — Get The Deets!

Mark Cuban Says Donald Trump Tried To Creep On 2 Of His Female Friends — Get The Deets!


He’s not always assaulting — but he’s never not insulting.

In the two weeks since Donald Trump‘s “Grab them by the p*ssy” audio first leaked, nine women have accused the Presidential candidate of varying degrees of sexual assault.

Naturally, the sexist businessman denied ALL of the claims during his debate with Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night — but right before the big event, one of Donald’s peers actually dropped his own knowledge of the Orange One’s ways!

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Mark Cuban sat down opposite Rudy Giuliani on CNN Wednesday afternoon for a live interview all about Hillary’s deleted emails.

However, when host Erin Burnett brought up the alleged victims, the Shark Tankstar revealed two of his close female friends share similar stories to the other nine women, saying:

“Who knows if it’s all true but I know two that won’t come forward and I know with absolute certainty. They told me back in 2000 — her boyfriend and her; she’s not going to come forward. I know another woman, it happened in Chicago two years ago. Neither one was sexual assault, in one case he walked into a massage room where she was under a sheet getting a massage and hit on her. In the other case it was a rude comment in an elevator.”

That sure sounds like The Donald…

Ch-ch-check out Mark and Rudy’s interview in-full (below)!!!

You tell ’em, Mark!

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But don’t just take his word for it…

Celebrity Apprentice contestant Richard Hatch echoed the billionaire’s sentiments while speaking to TMZ on Thursday, saying:

“There was constant off-putting interaction that you observe with him with women. Something happens to him when a woman walks in a room, and he changes. He figuratively starts drooling, you can see it. It’s not actual drool, but you see what happens to him with respect to women, and he just gets weird. Trump’s — I’m gonna call it ‘lewdness’ — towards women; on the set, on the staff, celebrities who were contestants, visitors who came to the events if he happened to be there — that lewdness, that uncomfortable exchange where he felt entitled to, I’m gonna say, ‘slide up on them.’ That happened frequently. That’s how he engages. It’s nonsense.”

Yeah. We’re actually starting to feel bad for Melania Trump now…

What do U think of Mark and Richard’s statements against Trump??

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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