Tyga just forked over $200,000 to settle an old jewelry bill

Tyga just forked over $200,000 to settle an old jewelry bill

Good for Tyga, getting financially right just before the holidays…

The rapper settled an old jewelry debt with Jason of Beverly Hills this week, according to TMZ, forking over as much as $200,000 to wipe the books clean of his name — and, in turn, help out Kylie Jenner!

Tyga is reportedly using his own money in the deal, according to reports, and in doing so, it’s a big relief for Kylie — because Jason’s lawyers had intended to make her reveal her own financial information as part of a debtor’s exam on Tyga and his sources of funding!

So basically, Kylie gets to keep her own financial info secure and private rather than having her laundry aired in public in a bid to help Tyga get out of debt.

Of course, something tells us Tyga’s financial troubles are far from over… but at least in this one case, it appears he helped out Kylie AND got out of one big debt in one fell swoop!

Congrats, Tyga! LOL

[Image via WENN.]

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